Thommen specs

I love my Thommen boards!

They’re fun, comfortable, and forgiving. They’re easy to sail, not fussy or demanding.

I consider Thommen boards to be the Macintosh of windsurfing: Elegant designs that just work!

Peter could make radical boards, but he chooses to make boards designed for fun. And even after more than 30 years shaping boards, Peter still looks for ways to improve them.

Peter’s philosophy

I want YOU to have the most possible fun and joy sailing. This is what matters. This is the ultimate goal.

We try hard to develop the best balanced boards, the best blend of performance and control, technology and value and to top it with first grade accessories and fittings. T1 – get more.


The MauiWaveX line

These boards are great in the waves, and get me there quickly. No need to slog upwind for each ride. From the website: Have fun; get the most waves…and the least frustration.

MWX specs


The CrossX line

The crossover boards are fast yet controllable, and made to turn. From the website: With a crossover the majority of sailors will get the most fun and satisfaction out of their sailing time.

CX specs


Technology, details, and options

The BambO2 technology is new since 2009. The bamboo veneer top and bottom improve the performance and longevity of the boards, and reduce environmental impact compared to conventional materials and construction. It’s also strikingly beautiful!

Peter also makes slalom boards, standup paddle boards, and more. See for the complete line, and detailed descriptions of the board styles and construction.

Custom boards are available if you need a different size, or want to customize performance characteristics for your size, style, or sailing venue. See for more information.