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What happens when your windsurfing gear gets away from you at Kanaha Uppers?

I got to find out last Friday. I’m here to tell the tale, so obviously the outcome was positive! I’ve gotten a lot of questions from friends and family, so I’ve organized this post to answer the most common questions. … Continue reading

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To fly over water for 17 days: Sharon’s Maui report

Maui is not a place where we would wake in the morning and wonder if we might have wind – Maui is a place where we would wake in the morning and ask how much wind would we have. We … Continue reading

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When to plan your windsurfing vacation on Maui?

People often ask when is the best time to plan a windsurfing vacation on Maui. As usual with questions involving “the best”, the answer is “it depends.” It depends on what “the best” means to you – what are your … Continue reading

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Waves coming next week

Maui’s north shore will see some VERY impressive waves next week. They’re being generated by this massive storm in the North Pacific:

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How you can bring water to Tanzania in the next two days

Help a local filmmaker WIN MONEY to support her project to build wells to provide water to villages in Africa! Jacqueline Simone Ambrose stopped in at the HST office the other day and told me about the film contest she’s … Continue reading

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Something for everyone at Ho`okipa

It was an absolutely beautiful summer day yesterday on Maui. Jeff and I sailed early at Kanaha, then went to Ho`okipa so he could get some photos and video for his blog. Ho`okipa had something for everyone today, from the … Continue reading

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Windy week wrap-up

It’s been a windy week, and I haven’t had time to update as I go so I’ll catch up now. Here’s how the forecast looked on Monday – you can pretty much expect the same thing to hold through August. … Continue reading

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Maui Race Series, Race Day #2 Dakine Classic

Saturday was a beautiful day for the second race day of 2010, with wind in the 18-25 knot range. The start was delayed due to mechanical problems with the committee boat, but the day went smoothly once that was fixed. … Continue reading

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Blue sky

Wow, it was a gorgeous day today. Just wanted to share this photo – every once in a while I like to just look at the sky and enjoy it! Today was race day – more photos tomorrow – right … Continue reading

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