Karen Bennett at KanahaI started windsurfing in 1991, in the Seattle area. Windsurfing has literally changed my life: I met my husband through windsurfing, and moved to Maui because of it. I’ve learned a lot through windsurfing: about windsurfing, life, and myself. I believe that anyone serious about a study or passion will find analogies and larger lessons in their chosen subject.

I sail a lot: typically almost half the days of the year. My boards are designed by Peter Thommen, and my sails are MauiSails by Barry Spanier. Both of these men have been passionate about this sport from the beginning, and continue to innovate in it, bringing joy to their customers.

I enjoy sharing my passion for this sport through this blog, through teaching windsurfing lessons at HST (since 2003), and through introducing others to equipment like Thommen boards and MauiSails that can make this challenging sport easier, more fun, and more rewarding of the effort put in.

I urge everyone to find and pursue their own passion!

Karen Bennett, Maui